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Today’s digital landscape is an unending frenzy of content creation and consumption that recycles each and every day. Not only is written content the backbone of SEO, but it’s also the second most consumed form of content online, next only to video.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing allows you to reach your customers at any stage of the funnel and connect with them organically. Writing about the topics that matter most to your audience is a proven way to drive engagement and inspire action.

As search engines like Google rely primarily on text to understand and serve content to searchers, ensuring your website copy and blog content are optimized is key to success in the search results.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Content Marketing continues to be a driving force when it comes to digital advertising online. Not only is it an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO), it also contains numerous other benefits such as fostering audience engagement, building brand awareness, improving user time-on-page, boosting social media, and inspiring action.

70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. Additionally, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. In 2018, 72% of marketers said that having a good content strategy was a major key to their success that year.

Despite continued advancements in Google’s machine learning, it still relies primarily on written copy to understand content, determine context, and serve relevant results to user search queries. Ensuring Google can crawl, understand, and index your website as accurately and efficiently as possible can make or break performance in the search results.

content marketing solutions

Blog Posts

Using SEO data, we can identify the topics that will provide the best performance for your blog and drive qualified traffic to your site.

Webpage Copy

Optimizing your webpage copy so search engine bots can crawl, index, and understand your business accurately provides a strong advantage in the search results.


Building a subscriber list and regularly publishing newsletters and other publications is a great way to stay connected with an engaged audience that is much more likely to take action.

Creative Writing

Sometimes writing needs to adapt to the needs of the moment. Reach out to us with requests for content solutions not mentioned here to see how we can help.

Optimized Content. Every Time.

When you choose to work with Greenhorn Creative for your copywriting needs in Kelowna, not only do you receive exceptionally written content that is grammatically sound, crafted with superior formatting and structure, and features compelling copy designed to stimulate engagement and action, but you also receive the added value of having content optimized for search engines.

We put our SEO expertise to work in all of our copywriting, which means all of our premium writing services are structured around SEO, making them primed and optimized for search engines.

A Breakdown of Our Content Services

Audit & Research

  • Blog Audit
  • Webpage Copy Audit
  • Market & Industry Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trends & Insights

Content Improvements

  • Keyword Mapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Gaps Elimination
  • Distribution & Syndication
  • Backlink Acquisition

Content Creation

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Webpage Copy
  • Ecommerce Copy
  • Guest Posts
  • Reviews
  • Ad Copy

Performance Analytics

  • Google Index Submission & Verification
  • CTR Enhancements
  • Time-On-Page Improvements
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Content Performance
  • Search Visibility
  • Share-of-Voice
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Goal Tracking & Completions
  • Reputation Management
  • New Opportunities & Insights


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