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Digital marketing embodies a variety of components and to achieve successful marketing outcomes online today requires a holistic approach. At Greenhorn Creative we know this, which is why our blueprint to digital marketing is multifaceted.

As one of the premier marketing companies in Kelowna, our agency remains focused on reaching the objectives and milestones that are most important to your business. That is why our approach to digital marketing remains rooted in data and research. There is no guesswork or speculation involved. Everything we do is derived from data analysis using best-in-class marketing tools, resources, and insights combined with our specialized expertise in the field of digital marketing. 

We are proud to have worked with many prominent local, provincial, and national brands to help them reach their marketing objectives.

Are you looking for an innovative digital marketing strategy for your business? We take a unique and customized approach to developing marketing solutions for your business. Join forces with a Kelowna marketing agency that can help you reach your objectives through data and strategy.

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Search Engine Optimization

Considered by the digital marketing industry to often provide the greatest ROI (Return On Investment), search engine optimization—more commonly referred to as “SEO”—is an organic form of digital marketing. This type of advertising is comprised of optimizing websites for search engines and most successful companies online today have some form of SEO in place.

Results are achieved through organic means, which eliminates the need for advertising spend through more direct avenues.

When users turn to search engines for queries that are relevant to your business, customers can find and come to you, as opposed to traditional marketing, which is usually the other way around.

Optimized websites will typically rank higher in organic search results, bring in more website traffic, stimulate greater brand awareness, generate more business leads and sales, as well as provide a better long-term ROI.

YouTube & Video SEO

Many people don’t realize that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, next only to Google Search—both of which, are Google-owned properties. As such, the relationship between SEO and video continues to become more intertwined and connected.

Google displays videos sourced from YouTube as one of its many SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features. So for any business that develops or manages any kind of video content, ensuring it can reach its intended audience, both on and off YouTube, requires optimization across both of these Google properties.

YouTube optimization embodies many of the same principles as SEO including things like keyword research, content topic research, competitor analysis, along with analyzing trends and other valuable data.

If your business incorporates video as part of its content strategy or if you use the YouTube platform but are failing to reach your desired targets, we can help. Learn more about YouTube optimization and how this digital marketing practice can help you drive more traffic, engagement, watch-time, and revenue.

Content Strategy, Marketing, and Creation

Despite advancements in search engine technology, Google and other search engines still rely primarily on text to understand and index webpages accordingly. While each passing year brings new developments in terms of image and video recognition, AI machine learning still has a ways to go.

This is why content marketing remains one of the most used forms of digital marketing today. It is also an integrated component when it comes to SEO.

With the wide use of content marketing, however, the internet has grown saturated with mediocre content. Google has realized this, which is why it has become much more defined in terms of the content it ranks the highest. Google has increasingly expressed over the years its desire for high-quality content and has even set out standards and guidelines for publishers to help realize this objective.

Gone are the days of content marketing simply for the sake of content marketing. To publish successful content online today requires not just the ability to write well, but to also be able to satisfy the increasing demands defined by user behaviour, search engines, and emerging new technologies.